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Company Background

Colossal Media was formed back in the year 2004. Colossal Media is a company with business units that operates individually that offers services that encompass trade marketing, brand building & management, outdoor advertising, alliance marketing, digital printing apart from normal creative & production services.

Our Vision

Colossal Media’s aim is to provide a one-stop retail and direct advertising service center to all. We are no ordinary inkjet media production company, we are aiming to become a production company that will do its very best to shower you with multiple options as well as solutions.


Colossal Media is seeking for higher achievement and better recognition, which will denitely help in bringing advertising into another revolution; moving towards a new era of marketing communications, thus expanding its clientele bigger and wider in order to provide multiple services to all industries.

Our Mission

Always inspire and cherish our people

Always share resources, knowledge and experience
with our people

Aim for success but also dare to fail.

Company Culture

We appreciate our people who have been our staffs, sub-contractors, suppliers, and clients since we established. We feel joyful as we glow and grow with our people. We hope all of us will achieve success altogether in the future.